Trifit App: A Case Study


THE Challenge

To create a fitness tracking app based on triathlon training that includes:

  • a review of today’s activity
  • a way compare activity over time
  • recommendations to improve
Trifit App Load Screen


How long is a triathlon?

There are 4 common distances in a triathlon including the Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron Man, and Iron Man. Each has 3 major events- swimming, cycling, and running.


Competitive Analysis:

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 4.54.31 PM.png
  • Focused on losing weight
  • Featured articles for learning
  • Tracks exercise and diet
  • Data not easily visualized
Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 11.56.48 PM.png
  • Focused on current Triathletes
  • Long on-boarding
  • Set a program
  • Many hidden features
  • Athletes in the 3 events
  • Focused on finding friends
  • Subscription required for goals
  • Clean and intuitive

Target market:

Initially I thought my focus user base would be the tech savvy athlete who works out regularly, is concerned with the food he or she intakes, and has probably competed in some events already. After analyzing the competitors I decided to shift the target market to fit a niche that wasn't being represented, a majority of the people I interviewed. I wanted to create a product with the novice user in mind or somebody just stepping back into a fitness routine that could use the 3 events as a place to start without needing much equipment or even a gym membership. I created and empathy map and storyboards to best identify this person and their needs and pain points. 

Our user - the novice:

Recently getting back to fitness 28-45 yrs female

  • Health routine has been patchy
  • Friends talk about being healthier especially as they are aging 
  • Likes to read articles about health and mental wellness to find the best workout fit
  • Not necessarily unhealthy
  • May have some shame or be shy about going to the gym


Pain points of the users:

Data overload, being driven to be overly social initially, and a lack of specific workout recommendations.

PrototypinG & USER NEEDS


Key findings:

After much testing with users I was able to pinpoint desires they had for their app. The main focus was to easily set a goal without too much complication or prior knowledge to what is required for a triathlon, which would then recommend a workout routine that was flexible and forgiving. They wanted to have very clear reminders of their routine to push them towards their goal as well as clear and simple data that they can track over time. They may not have all the fitness tracking wearables at first so I had to design I way for them to record the data manually too.

UX Solutions:

  • Simplified navigation with the key features in the order of the user needs: Home feed, goal setting, timing the activity, viewing progress, and other settings.
  • Homepage is focused on the most prominent need, either setting a goal or viewing the next activity to start. A secondary feature would be the feed of articles to instill knowledge of creating this new habit as a lifestyle through education.
  • Large & clear modal timer for when they are recording their activity because they may have visibility issues during.
  • Easy way to view your progress from the most recent activity and view the past week, month, etc to check your stats and see if you're meeting your goals.

VISUAL DESIGN & Further Iterations:

The app needed to reflect the audience in the look and feel. I wanted it to feel energetic yet bold and strong to reflect the emotions I am trying to evoke in the user. For this reason I used a bright orange as the main color with a flowing but bold font for the Trifit wordmark and playful illustrations to compliment the design. 


Please feel free to click through the app!

Or use this link to view the Invision prototype