I am currently looking for new work as a digital designer in Portland, OR.

Enjoy a summary of my recent projects below or the full case studies within and feel free to reach out to me for collaborations or to hire me on full time!

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E-Commerce Webs

ite Redesign


Kids Atelier went through a rebranding in April of 2017 and needed a complete website redesign. Not only did I aid in finding the brand's voice but I restructured the website to suit the needs of our shifting target market, which was becoming increasingly focused on mobile. I used a mobile first approach to create an easy to navigate site for our users while increasing conversion rates and making the visual branding and content hold up to the luxury clothing brands that we curate. 

Trifit App Prototype Screens

App Idea to Prototype

I created a fitness tracking app based on triathlon training but for the novice athlete- somebody getting back into fitness. Through competitive analysis, user research, and quick prototyping I was able to come up with a solution to meet my target user's needs. The solution including narrowing down the navigation needs to order of importance, clarifying the home screen to maximize goals and activities, as well as having clear and easy activity recording and progress tracking. I simultaneously worked on the visual design to create a full prototype of the app.


Visual Design for Retail

I worked for over a year with the Catimini brand. A large portion of my job was visual design and I gave a complete facelift to the website. I also merged the backend of the site from Magento to Shopify to work better for mobile experiences and had a hand in navigation decisions. I created Email campaigns and other marketing assets for the brand as well. I worked on all aspects of the product from frontend to back and added key features that our users needed for flow of the checkout process as well as some to showcase the quality of our brand such as a personalized lookbook for our campaigns.


See my true colors- 


in paint or pixels!

Including painting, character design, nature studies, hand lettering, vector designs, and more!